Stress Management With Massage Chair Therapy

Stress just seems to be part of our lives like eating and breathing. There are more demands placed on us over shorter time periods than perhaps ever in the history of mankind. In the days of old, stress was usually from physical danger. If you were a pioneer for example, then the seeing of indians would definitely cause stress as the pioneer surely feared physical harm. This type of stress is called the flight or fight reaction. However, in modern times most of our stress is mental and not physical. Yet our bodies have the same reaction to mental stress as they do to physical stress.This reaction to stress causes the body to kick itself into high gear. Our heart rate is increased, the major organs shut down all but the most basic functions and adrenaline is pumped out to boost our energy. There is a major redirection of chemical reactions in the body to get it immediately ready for action. However, with many of the stresses we encounter there is no physical release to all this redirection of energy. This can be problematic since many toxin are the by product of these chemical reactions and these stay in the body.You know when you have a big meeting, you have a nervous reaction which is similar to the fight or flight reaction. Part of your stress management is to redirect this nervous energy into helping you perform better in the meeting. This takes discipline and training. Many top athletes are able to channel this nervous energy into higher levels of performance. But again with athletic performance there is a physical release of this built up energy.For those of us under stress at work or otherwise, we may not have the physical outlets that can effectively release this built up stress. Massage therapy is an excellent method to counteract the build up of these mental stresses. Massage therapy helps to relax the muscles by loosening them up. It helps to reduce the toxin build up in muscles and tissues. Reflexology massage targets the major organs for relaxation via the trigger points in the hands and feet.Massage chair recliners have many effective massage therapies with proven beneficial effects. Massage chairs come equipped with Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue and many others. Each of these massage treatments target specific areas and have different benefits. In general, they all help induce relaxation and help to ease aches and pains. Massage helps to remove toxins from the body and enhances circulation of the blood and lymph. Both the blood and lymph clean the body of toxins and other potentially harmful substances.Massage cannot eliminate the causes of stress. Stress comes in many forms and individuals all respond differently to them. However, massage therapy can be an essential tool in stress management. Especially massage chairs which offer unprecedented convenience and availability. These massage chairs offer full body massage capability. They can massage from head to toe. Many advanced massage chairs have stretching capabilities to elongate and relax the lower body. They also may have built in music players which help take your mind off the mental stresses impacting you.If you are feeling stressed, then just imaging taking a quick 20 minute power massage. This can be a powerful stress management tool in the comfort and convenience of home to better manage your stress. Life becomes much more manageable with your own massage chair recliner.

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